Promotional offer

A quantitative and qualitative survey was sent out to potential customers to determine the most effective way to showcase a promotional offer.  The results showed which visual presentation of the promotion would best influence potential customers. 

Trusting your service company

Focus groups, in-person interviews, and phone interviews took place to determine how a service company can convey trust.  

Customers’ opinions about words, phrases, and ideas were gathered to help our client craft a statement that represents its values in a positive way that customers support.  


Acquiring a new company

Quantitative research was conducted to get an understanding of how existing, former, and prospective customers perceived the acquisition of a company.  

Results can help the company determine how to position the two brands.  


Television service messaging research

By using an online survey, opinions were gathered from customers and prospect customers to determine the most effective messaging for a new service.  

By utilizing this quantitative approach, we are able to determine what messaging most influences customers to switch their service or provider.


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