Jan 2013

18 January 2013

Just in at TTG

Our website.

It’s brand new, though it builds on themes that have been important to us for all 25+ years we have been in business. We built it in collaboration with a great partner: CatchFire Creative, a local agency here in Portsmouth, NH, with offices in the heart of Market Square. The CatchFire team is young, talented, hard working, creative, and easy to do business with. [Just like us, actually—well, except for the young part: not all of us here at Taylor could effectively argue we are young, except at heart of course.]

Check it out!

TV programming project.

The opportunity to explore ways to further strengthen two popular shows, by learning what keeps regular viewers coming back to the shows (and what risks losing them) and what can attract prospective viewers.

Pre-, During-, Post-Conference study.

This three-phase study is focusing on where people see their industry being headed, what their needs and expectations are, and what our client can do to help smooth the transition process and help advance the industry.

Ongoing churn tracking survey.

This ongoing study seeks to understand the journey from customer to lost customer—not just why customers cancel their service, but where they go for their service, why there, what they have for service now, what they think about what they have, and what opportunity exists to bring them back.


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15 January 2013

Blog Post: What's up with the bridges?

Have you checked out our new blog? Click here to read!

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