Employee benefit testing

Quantitative research among our client's employees to determine why some employees do not take advantage of a set of offered benefits, and what the company can do to encourage greater usage.  This study utilized an online survey that was distributed firmwide to all employees.

Community investment message testing

Focus groups and in-depth interviews to gauge reactions to two messaging concepts focused on our client's investments in specific communities.

This research also explored attitudes toward life in these communities and residents' perceived images of where they live.

Results will inform further development of these messaging concepts so as to ensure our client's behaviors and tone in these communities are distinctive and welcomed.

In-depth interviewing program

An in-depth interviewing program among 100 of our client's top business customers, to gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

The Taylor Group's experience with this type of customer satisfaction research dates back to our founding in 1987.  We have been involved in the development of new measurement plans, large-scale revisions to existing plans, administration of ongoing plans, and evaluation of existing plans.

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