Referral concept testing research

Focus groups in three cities to test a series of concepts to support a new customer referral process our client plans to roll out during the second half of 2013.

New financial product study

Creative refinement research to support the planned launch of a new financial services product this fall.  This qualitative research, which will take place in two markets, will examine target consumer preferences for the packaging and messaging of the product.

Network outage messaging study

A multiphase study for a communications company to test messaging related to network outages.  Focus groups are being conducted in three markets among consumers and business customers who have experienced network outages as a result of significant weather events.

In addition to the groups, we are conducting a series of online bulletin boards, both among consumers as well as company employees who have significant, direct customer contact.

Advanced services and features study

Quantitative research to assess the appeal and importance to consumers of several upcoming, new services and features our client is considering bringing to market.

The business objective involves both retention and acquisition--thus we're conducting it among both our client's customers and its prospects.

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