Financial services research

Focus groups and in-depth interviews among bank members who both have and do not have a bank rewards card.

This qualitative research explored cardholders’ use of their cards as well as non-cardholders’ reasons for not obtaining a card.

Research among business and community leaders

An online survey (both pre- and post-rollout of a new communication campaign) among business and community leaders in cities nationwide and in select large markets.

This quantitative research explored business- and community-leader impressions of our client as a tech-innovation leader.

Do you really know your customers?

It is not always easy getting to know your customers -- their needs, interests, and behaviors.

More and more clients recently have inquired about segmentation research.  We suspect this is something people are thinking about increasingly, as the market becomes more complex, competitive, and full of unknowns. 

If you’re dealing with the same, we can help.  Learn more about our capabilities by viewing this PDF:

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