Marine product branding research

Focus groups among boat owners to help our client create a recognizable brand with a positive association.

This qualitative research looks at why boat owners upgrade their boats, which brands they choose, and the emotions that motivate them to make these decisions.

Spanish-language tagline research

Quantitative research to test preferences among Spanish-speaking consumers on three of our client's Spanish-language concept/tagline alternatives.

This online survey was conducted among people who speak Spanish exclusively as well as those who are bilingual.

Financial services research

Focus groups and in-depth interviews among bank members who both have and do not have a bank rewards card.

This qualitative research explored cardholders’ use of their cards as well as non-cardholders’ reasons for not obtaining a card.

Research among business and community leaders

An online survey (both pre- and post-rollout of a new communication campaign) among business and community leaders in cities nationwide and in select large markets.

This quantitative research explored business- and community-leader impressions of our client as a tech-innovation leader.

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