Industry Expertise

We come to each assignment with a strong understanding of the broad issues that any business wrestles with—whether it has to do with developing new products, acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and strengthening loyalty, or dealing with churn and identifying winback opportunities. Just as importantly, however, we come to each assignment with experience in the ways in which these broad issues apply to businesses in a particular industry.  

Throughout the years, we have concentrated our efforts on research for businesses in a defined set of industries. This concentration—in both the work we conduct and the background learning we do—has provided us with expertise regarding the issues and trends affecting each industry, and the ability to customize the research process to best address what it is that makes each industry—and our client’s position in that industry—unique.

In all industries listed below we have had the opportunity to work with the very largest, best known, most successful brands.  

To learn more about the topics we’ve studied in each, click on the industry concentrations below:


Consumer technology products

Advertising and positioning
Call center experiences/effectiveness
Competitive assessment
Customer needs assessment
Customer satisfaction
Green quotient assessment
High-end business equipment needs/wants
Market opportunity for

  • Camcorders/cameras
  • Mobile devices (traditional and smartphone)
  • Computers/printers
  • HDTVs
  • DVD players
  • DVRs
  • Home theater video projectors
  • mp3 players

Market segmentation
Migration measurement
New product assessment
Packaging research
Price/Demand estimation
Product development
Product design/functionality assessment
Product naming
Product positioning/awareness

Consumer technology services

Advertising and positioning
Analog and digital service evaluation
Bundling research
Churn research
Competitive assessment
Customer needs assessment
Customer satisfaction
Digital rights management (DRM)
Distribution/channel studies
Market opportunity for emerging services

  • From the 80s/early-mid 90s:  dial tone, call waiting, caller ID, cell service, ISDN, etc.
  • Through the late 90s/early 2000s:  email, voicemail, speech recognition, broadband, VoIP, etc.
  • More recently:  VOD, PPV, multi-screen services, telepresence, MiFi, mobile apps, interactive TV apps, home security/automation, etc.

Market segmentation
Market share tracking of various communication services
Media piracy/protection
Message Testing
Needs/barriers/solutions identification
Price/Demand estimation
Regulatory commission testimony
Service enhancement/development

Information technology (B2B)

Advertising and positioning
Application prioritization
Awareness and attitude measurement
Barriers to adoption
Brand assessment and tracking
Bundling plans
Business driver assessment
Competitive assessment
Concept testing
Customer satisfaction
E-commerce opportunities
Market segmentation
Market share assessment
Market/technical trials
New technology development
Next-generation expectations
Outsourcing:  barriers and opportunities
Research to support mergers/acquisitions
Sales force evaluation
Telecommunication billing needs
Value proposition testing
Website design/usability

Financial Services


Exam reform
Young minority professionals
Attracting high school student to accounting major
Undergraduate student interest in CPA
Investment advisory services
Professional ethics
Personal financial planning credential
Forensic accounting accreditation
Making direct marketing more effective

Consumer Banking

New product concepts
Auto finance products
Refinance products
Ad (creative) testing
Non-traditional banking services

Credit Cards

Small business cash back cards
Consumer cash back cards
Consumer travel rewards cards
New product concepts
Language optimization
Ad (creative) testing
Advertising effectiveness
Merchandise rewards
Needs assessment
Payment protection plans
Redemption alternatives
Direct mail effectiveness

Credit Reporting

Customer value analysis
Customer satisfaction
Credit monitoring
Credit scoring
Online credit service


Travel insurance products
Telematics concepts
Telematics device trials
Teen driver data log device concept
Actuary member satisfaction
Agent media usage
Lost customers (churn)


Customer satisfaction
C-level engagement evaluation
Share value research

Media and Entertainment


For the industry and major recording companies

Consumer trial (for the industry’s first online store attempt)
Music consumption tracking (2004-2008)
Anti-piracy campaign messaging
Digital rights management
Genre assessment


For the industry

Movie theater attendance (factors that enhance it)
Anti-piracy campaign messaging
Movie ratings clarification 

Pay-TV services

For cable, satellite, and telco providers acquisition

  • Determining factors that enhance and detract
  • Positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Direct marketing
  • Point-of-sale advertising
  • Offer testing
  • Channel effectiveness


  • Tracking
  • Advertising development
  • Creative testing
  • Tagline

Customer satisfaction loyalty (and the role of loyalty programs)

  • Referral program appeal, success, effect

Customer experience enhancement

  • Installation
  • Billing process
  • Customer service
  • Appointment setting
  • Customer communication/marketing
  • Protection plans
  • Promotional channels (on-air)


  • Causes of
  • Migration to
  • Winback opportunity

Share of wallet
Pricing and packaging
New channel (appeal of)
Sports packages (factors that affect):

  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Churn

Pay-per-view offerings
Video-on-demand offerings
DVR usage
Advanced features and services
Interactive apps
TV Everywhere
Retransmission consent disputes
Commercial accounts

  • Acquisition
  • Retention

TV Programming/Marketing

For a wide variety of broadcast and cable networks program testing (More than 125 shows tested)

  • Shows in development, pilots, existing shows
  • Both cable and broadcast 
  • Morning, daytime, primetime, late night
  • Comedy, drama, news, news magazines, sports, talk, soaps, real-life, docu-drama

Advertising/promotion (both program-related, and network-related)

  • Messaging
  • Creative development/testing

Digital transition

  • Online content
  • Website usability

Network brand
Network tagline
Network affiliate relations 


For major US professional sports leagues and collegiate sports organizations.  We have studied:

  • Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer tennis, golf, and auto racing
  • Both men’s and women’s sports
  • Fans and recreational players from age 6 to 86.

On these topics:

Branding and positioning
Fan base development

  • Tracking size of avid and casual fan base
  • Identifying factors that affect avidity
  • Segmentation

Telecast strengthening

  • How viewers watch sporting events
  • Programming elements that attract and repel viewers
  • Scheduling
  • Talent evaluation


  • Drivers of
  • Ways to increase

Recreational participation

  • Tracking level of participation
  • Identifying factors that bring people to the sport, keep them there, and push them away

Advertising and promotion
Event-based research
Rules change research
Licensed merchandise marketing and advertising
Website development and usability


For several of the most popular sports, news, and entertainment magazines in the U.S.

Branding and positioning
New magazine launch marketing
Advertising sales
Direct marketing effectiveness
Editorial research
Redesign research
Cover research
Publication naming research
Digital transition
Website development and usability
Targeting lapsed subscribers
Television (ad) campaign evaluations
Competitor strength assessment
Brand impact on new launch
Renewal material evaluation
Keys to interest in the topic (beyond the publication)

Video Games

Game concepts
Various specific sports video games

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Healthcare Providers

Ad (concept) testing
Brand image/positioning
Corporate positioning/re-positioning
Customer advisory panel development
Employee segmentation
Executive engagement evaluation
Market share assessment
Medical device assessment
Product testing (current and concept)
Service benchmarking
Subscriber satisfaction
Wellness program measurement

Insurance Plans

Benefit manager perceptions
Broker/agent perceptions
Business development strategy assessment
Competitive benchmarking/tracking
Market assessment/penetration
Needs assessment
New plan/product measurement
Subscriber satisfaction (qualitative and quantitative)

OTC and Rx Medications

Ad campaign testing (print and TV)
Consumer panel development
Message testing
Needs assessment
Pharmaceutical industry image assessment
Positioning effectiveness
Product rebranding


Human papillomavirus (HPV)
Overactive bladder